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Originally from Figueres in the heart of the Catalonian region of northeastern Spain,  Carmen Viarnes’ work ranges from very detailed wildlife and botanical art to contemporary abstract using a variety of mediums – watercolor, acrylics and pen-and-ink to portray the desired effect.


Her early creative years were spent studying in Barcelona, Spain and and Como, Italy. After her studies, she went on to create unique scarf collections and various household textiles for such designers as Lanvin, Chanel, Christian LaCroix, Versace, Trussardi, Cartier, Gucci, Celine, Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Aquasqutum, Ricci Doll, Dunhill, Salvatore Ferragamo, EuroDisney and the Mantero Collection. Her current work includes commissioned items for private individuals and she is one of the head designers for the home furnishings store, Zara Home.


Detailed works are planned in advance while she just let things happen when working on abstracts. She likes to explore the link between nature and soul and an awakening of the inner essence. Her affinity with nature and sense of light is a guiding influence in her work. Nature and the smaller details within the complexities of everyday life are often featured. She often focuses on things others overlook or take for granted.


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